Aug 18

Your Website Design: Brochureware or Lead Gen Machine?

Suppose your ideal client finds their way to your website. Is your website design ready to convert that visitor into a lead? Or is it turning future customers away as they hit the much-feared ‘back’ button and go to a competitor?

Don’t take chances on these golden opportunities. When your ideal client finds your website, you want it to compel them to take action. You want to capture their contact information so you can follow up with them later.

We believe the central goal of your website is to capture leads that you can follow up with later.

Why Do You Have a Website?

What outcome are you seeking? Do you want calls, sales, contact information? It’s difficult to make your website into a lead capturing machine when you don’t even know why you have one. However, once you know the ‘why’, then you can focus on the ‘how’.

We’ve seen websites generate 10x the leads by focusing on telling visitors these 3 things:

  • Here’s what we do.
  • This is what it will do for you.
  • And here’s what to do next.

Here’s what we do.

Clarity is your number one objective when someone comes to your website. It is imperative to clearly state what product or service you provide. Steve Krug lays it out in his easy-to-read book “Don’t Make Me Think”. I think the title speaks for itself, but his main point is that people scan websites nowadays. No one has the time or inclination to deliberately read all of your website content other than you.

We’ve seen the best results when websites get to the point quickly and efficiently. You need website visitors to be able to quickly say: “OK, here’s what they do…“ Is there any doubt what Hub Australia does? (See image below)


Here's what I got...

This is what it will do for you.

The vast majority of people visiting your website are asking this question: What’s in it for me? There are still far too many websites that have the “we-we” problem. “We do this…we do that…” Please don’t do that! Even your “About Us” section should talk about how your prospective customers can benefit from your experience and expertise.

The most effective websites do two things:

1) They speak in terms their target market understands.

2) They solve problems.

You need website visitors to be able to quickly say: “Ok, here’s what’s in it for me…” If they don’t quickly see the benefit, they’ll press the back button and go to your competitors’ website. Purview does a great job of demonstrating a clear benefit to their service.

Here's what it will do for you

Here’s what to do next…

This is probably the most frequent mistake made with websites. They don’t make it clear what to do next. The majority of websites have either too many things to do, or no call-to-action (CTA) at all.

A strong CTA with a clear benefit is critical to converting a website visitor into an actual lead. We’ve seen the best results when the CTA has little to no friction. Make it easy to take the next step. Again, don’t make them think too much. Make taking the next step a ‘no-brainer’. Perhaps it’s time for a Website Refresh!

For example: Is there any doubt on what you should do next on Cypress Trio’s website? (Screen shot below)

Here's what to do next

How Strong is Your Website?

We’ve helped businesses boost lead generation 10x or more when they shift their focus. The key is to understand the primary purpose of your website. Once you know that, and shift accordingly, your website will become a lead generating machine.

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