Mar 04

Unclear Email Marketing Messages

Have you ever sent an email that you immediately regretted or even one that was completely misinterpreted by the recipient? If you answered no to either of those questions, the wrong answer, because you have, everyone has.

Clear Up Unclear Email Marketing Messages

Emails get misconstrued all the time. When your business is sending out email marketing messages to prospects or customers, it’s imperative that you are clear and that you minimize the possibility of being misinterpreted. The same goes for any content that you are putting out there. Your audience should be able to easily understand you. If they don’t, those poor communication skills can have detrimental effects on your future business with them. So please don’t be lazy with your email and content marketing!

Unclear Email Marketing Messages

5 Tips to Avoid Unclear Email Marketing Messages

Here are 5 tips on how to ensure that your email and content marketing pieces get the message across:

  1. Have an editor: This could be anyone – my wife edits my emails and any other content marketing pieces that my company puts out (so if this article is misinterpreted or if there are any grammar errors, it’s her fault). It helps if it’s someone with limited industry knowledge (see tip #2).
  2. Read it as an outsider: Try reading it from a different point of view and ask yourself, “What kind of questions would I have?” For example, has anyone ever given you a deadline for “tomorrow at midnight”? Well technically, when you hit 11:59pm tonight, in 1 minute it will be midnight tomorrow. Is that what they meant? Probably not. Before you even send anything to your editor, read it out loud. Sometimes when you read something out loud, it doesn’t sound right
  3. Have a System: Create your emails, content marketing pieces, website content and any other content you put out with a similar system. For my blogs, I start by writing 5-10 titles that I think will grab people’s attention, then 3 key points I want to make, then I pick 2-3 images, and then find 3-4 relevant links that will enhance the content. Then I send it to my editor/wife/psychologist. When you have a system, then you’re less likely to miss anything or forget important elements of your content.
  4. Have a clear CTA: Tell your readers exactly what you want them to do next (Call-To-Action). In an email, that could be clicking on a link to a landing page. In a blog, it might be subscribing to additional content. And in a PPC or Banner Ad, the reason why they should click on that ad should be very clear.
  5. See Tip #2: Read your content again before you hit the send button or put it in your automated system to send out.

This might sound time-consuming, and it is, but it’s worth it. Once you get a solid system in place, then the time it takes shortens dramatically.

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