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Two Quick Content Marketing Tips That Get Results

Quick Content Marketing Tips

You can create great content marketing that gets results by appealing to purpose. (Not sure that’s what George Carlin meant in his quote, but close enough to work)

Tip #1: Identify Your Target Market

The identification of your target market is the one and only starting point when creating any piece of content marketing. You need to know your target market inside and out.

Do you have a written definition of your ideal customer that is most likely to buy your products or services? For example, John Lee Dumas of the great Entrepreneur on Fire podcast has his written down. He calls his ideal customer an ‘avatar’ and defines it like this: “My avatar is 25-35 years of age, works a full-time 9-5 job, has a family with 2 kids and finds themselves frustrated and feeling alone every day because they don’t know where to find the knowledge that I’m going to provide them about starting a business.”

Look how specific he is. If you want more information on that, he goes into even more detail in this article: Who is your avatar?

Tip #2: Appeal to Their Purpose

Once you know your target market, then you can create content that appeals to their purpose.

For example, here are 3 different messages in various hospital bathrooms meant to encourage nurses, doctors, etc. to use soap and hand sanitizers (I got these from one of the best blogs out there called A Learning A Day):

  1. Hand hygiene saves you (appeal to self-interest)
  2. Hand hygiene is good for the patient (appeal to purpose)
  3. Gel in, wash out (catchy messaging)

A research team weighed the amount of sanitizer used and found that the purpose message worked the best by far.

How Can Your Business Apply This?

Show them how they benefit or how others will benefit. For example, if you’re an industrial manufacturer and your company has achieved the highest LEED rating, then you can show your target market how using your company not only benefits them, but also everyone else in the area, thus giving them a better reputation.

Here’s an example we’ve used for one of our customers (an independent insurance agency): We gave out $20 discounts for the car service Uber to all of their customers the week before Independence Day (a day known for drinking and driving).UberTheir customers got the discount offer whether they had auto insurance with them or not and we encouraged them to share the offer with any friends that preferred a cheap ride home instead of an expensive DUI…or worse. (Of course many of those same customers that didn’t have auto insurance with them do now…as well as the friends they shared the offer with)

2 Quick Content Marketing Tips

Content marketing is challenging because you constantly have to come up with new, fresh content so I hope this helps along your journey. Let me know what you think.

For more content marketing ideas, feel free to visit our blog.

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  1. Kate Erickson
    September 16, 2014 at 9:51 am ·

    Thanks for the mention here! Great piece with two killer content marketing tips – thank you for sharing!

  2. Hendrik de Vries
    September 16, 2014 at 9:55 am ·

    You’re welcome. Love what you’re doing over at EOFire!!

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