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The 5 Love Languages of Online Marketing

Love Languages of Online Marketing

I bet you didn’t know that there are 5 love languages of online marketing. Yup, no foolin’. And with a little help from those lovable ‘Wedding Crashers’, I’ll show you how to integrate those 5 love languages into your online marketing to get 10 times the leads you’re getting now.

Receiving Gifts

Online Marketing Gifts

Some people feel most loved when they receive gifts and it’s no different in online marketing. Your target market will always appreciate valuable gifts that they can use to make their life easier or to solve a problem.

We live in the age of content marketing where information is just a click away. Since knowledge is power, it’s now in the hands of the consumer. By the time your prospect finally speaks with someone at your company, they are so informed about your product, your pricing and your competitors that the decision has almost already been made. For example, in the past, the average car buyer would visit 6 or 7 dealerships before they made a decision. Now, they visit just one – the one where they end up buying the car.

How to Become “The One”

To become The One provide valuable content that your target market finds useful. A “gift” could be a resource guide, whitepaper, toolkit, informational webinar, or a “how to” guide.

The key is to provide something valuable that solves a problem or helps achieve a goal. And don’t be shy about what you share. Give away the most valuable and useful content you can think of…for free!

For example, my company is an online marketing solutions provider. Our gift is the free Website Analysis.  Any business can give us their website URL and we do a website analysis and online marketing review. They don’t have to do anything at all. We literally tell them how to fix mistakes that are costing them sales and give them recommendations on how to get 10x the leads they are getting now…for free!

We know that a group will make the changes themselves and we’ll never hear from them again. That’s fine because we also know that a large group doesn’t have the time or the expertise. Who do you think they’ll go to when they decide to make the changes? They’ll probably go to the people that gave them the valuable information in the first place. Why? They come back to us because we’ve built a foundation of trust and also because of the law of reciprocity (but more on that later).

How to Create Your Valuable Content

Step 1: Focus 100% on your prospect. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What problem can you solve?
  2. What useful information or “secrets” can you provide?
  3. Find out what your prospect’s real goal is and how can you help them achieve that goal?
  4. How can you make their daily lives easier?

Step 2: Communicate a specific outcome that is valuable and verifiable. Here are a few examples:

  • Real estate agent: “The Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Credit This Year”
  • Fitness expert: “The Only 4 Tools You’ll Need to Get Rid of Belly Fat in 2 Months”
  • Software company: “The Top 3 Apps to Double Your Productivity Today”

What Results Can You Expect?

Content marketing costs about 60% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads. We picked this love language first because it’s the most effective online marketing strategy.

However, there are still those that don’t care about receiving gifts. Maybe they just need your time.

Quality Time

Online Marketing Quality Time

Quality time is all about giving your undivided attention. Some people just want you to put your phone down and just focus your attention on them. The online marketing equivalent is to make your prospect feel like they are the most important person in the world.

There are more distractions now than any other time in history. We all have mobile phones with constant alerts and notifications going off. We all get tons of generic emails, Facebook posts, Tweets, and other types of non-personalized communication.

Imagine receiving a personalized email that speaks to you. Imagine reading a blog that solves the exact problem you’re having right now. The key to giving quality time is to personalize and focus on the experience.

How to Personalize and Focus on Experience

There are quite a few tools that enable you to personalize your messages. If someone visits your website and requests a private one-on-one consultation, you should automatically send a personalized email that acknowledges their request, thanks them and tells them exactly what’s going to happen next. We use Drip to send our automated (and personalized) emails.

Personalization helps you focus on experience by giving each prospect exactly what they want and when they want it. Some people call that “context marketing”.

You can also do this is by engaging in conversations with your target market. Social media sites provide a great way to engage in conversations. For example, if someone mentions you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media site, you should take the time to respond. Yes, there are exceptions to that rule, but not many.

You can also start conversations on social media sites. For example, you can post useful blogs into LinkedIn Groups that are full of your target market.

The key is to make your messaging more human and understand that it’s all about them. The Internet is the most selfish place in the world, so play to people’s selfishness.

What Results Can You Expect?

We work with an HVAC company here in Dallas and they used to be heavily dependent on PPC (pay-per-click advertising). We gradually weaned them off their dependence on PPC and focused on personalization and the experience. So what happened?

  • Doubled the number of new leads
  • They cut their marketing budget by 50%
  • They now get about half their business from referrals

Yet, there are those who aren’t concerned about quality time. Maybe they prefer words of affirmation.

Words of Affirmation

marketing Words of affirmation

This language uses words to affirm other people (This is one of my two love languages so please be nice in the comments section). Unsolicited compliments are very meaningful to these types of people. The online marketing equivalent is pretty simple: Tell your prospects and customers that you appreciate them.

How to Tell Them You Appreciate Them

This may seem like a simple concept, but not many businesses do it effectively. Any opportunity you get to thank a prospect or customer, take it. Thank you for reading this, by the way.

There are several ways to thank your prospects and customers. For example:

  • Thank Your Prospects: When someone downloads your free “gift”, automatically send them a well crafted Thank You email and also send them to a well designed Thank You Page.
  • Say Thank You to New Customers: Again, sounds like a no-brainer, but send an email, Tweet, Facebook post or even send a hand-written letter thanking your customer for their business. Check out this hilarious, yet brilliant, email thank you that Derek Sivers shared on Tim Ferriss’ Podcast.
  • Thank Old Customers: You can also say thank you months after they bought. Tell them how much you appreciate their on-going support.
  • Say Thank You to Former Customers: Yes, tell former customers how much you enjoyed serving them and how great they are. An unsolicited compliment like this just might bring them back.

Try to tell anyone you interact with that you appreciate them and how great they are.

What Results Can You Expect?

The key is to tell your prospects, new customers, old customers and former customers how much you appreciate them AND give them something of value. We work with an insurance agency that has thousands of emails of people who got a quote but didn’t buy in addition to thousands of emails of former customers. Yet they weren’t doing anything with them. We set up two separate email campaigns: One to “quotes/non-buyers” and the other to former clients. Both campaigns offered something of value to encourage a response.

They ended up closing about $500,000 of business in 2 months from emails that were just sitting there doing nothing. All we had to do is show them some love, tell them we appreciated them, and offer something of value.

To some people, kind words are important. But to others, actions speak louder than words.

Acts of Service

marketing acts of service

Can taking a shotgun wound to the butt be an expression of love? Absolutely! The online marketing equivalent is to give first, without the expectation of return. Only then will you get in return.

How to Serve Your Target Market

When you give without expecting something in return, the concept of reciprocity comes into play. If someone does something for you, you naturally will want to do something for them.

The key is to deliver something valuable and personalized. We do this by doing a free website analysis and online marketing review. It’s personalized to that business and exceptionally valuable.

Other acts of service ideas:

  • Free Trial: You could give a free trial of your product or service. Auto dealerships let you test-drive the car first. Mattress companies let you try their mattress for free for a month. What part of your product or service could you let people try for free?
  • Samples: If you have any kind of physical product, you could give away a free sample. I see free samples at the grocery store every weekend.

What Results Can You Expect?

You can expect a major boost in lead generation and dramatically higher conversion rates. If you hit the spot with the right “act of service”, you can expect close ratios up to 50% or higher.

Last but not least, there’s physical touch.

Physical Touch

Marketing physical touch

You’re probably wondering how anything online can relate to physical touch. Obviously, we don’t recommend going around touching your clients (unless you’re a massage therapist). The online marketing equivalent of physical touch is to be present and accessible.

How to Be Present and Accessible

This is yet another simple concept that not many businesses embrace. A lot of your prospects and customers just want to know that you’re there and available if they need you.

There are many different ways you can accomplish this online:

  • FAQs: Have an FAQ section on your website that answers the most common questions and problems.
  • Resources: You could put a “Resources” tab on your website that provides resources to make the lives of your audience easier.
  • Guides: You could create guides that show how to use your product or service.
  • Contact Information: Yes, we live in the Internet era, but sometimes there’s no replacement for an actual person. Put your telephone number, email address and physical location on your website and make it easy to contact you.

80% of success is just showing up. If you make yourself available to your audience, they will love you for it.

What Results Can You Expect?

About 6 months ago, a Med Spa came to us with a problem. They had a beautiful website that was getting plenty of traffic, but they weren’t converting website visitors into leads. We did our website analysis for them and noticed that their website didn’t give a clear next step. Their website visitors didn’t know what to do next so they left.

When we added a clear call-to-action button to “Schedule Your Free Consultation”, their conversions increased by 1,000% in 1 month! We also made their phone number more prominent as well as their address. They increased their lead generation by 10x simply by being present and accessible.

Keys to Love Language Success

Discover and understand the love languages of your audience. When you understand what matters to them and communicate appropriately, you’ll end up spending less money to get dramatically better results.

So thank you for your time, you appear to be a great person and we’re here for you if you ever need a free website analysis.

To your continued success,