Mar 12

Stop Wasting Time and Conquer Online Marketing Productivity

Online Marketing Productivity

The key to successful online marketing is productivity. From our experience with small businesses, the biggest challenge with online marketing productivity is consistency and picking the right tools to get the job done. What hosting platform should we use? Should we send our Google and Facebook ads straight to our website? Or a specific offer? I’ve heard a lot about Marketing Automation. What’s that all about and how do I set it up? Oh, and what’s the best and easiest to use tool for each?

These are the types of questions we get over and over again. Most business owners get so frustrated with their search for the best tools, that they just give up and don’t do anything.

Please don’t give up. We’re here to help you pick the best and easiest to use online marketing productivity tools. Keep reading to discover the best-in-class tools. Also, we use every single one of these tools for our business and for every one of our clients. So if you have any questions about them, please contact us! Our doors are always open.

Online Marketing Productivity Tools

So how can a small to medium-sized businesses manage their time and plan accordingly to get out all that content consistently? First of all, you’re going to need some energy because it’s not easy.

Online Marketing Resources

Next, you should make your life easier by using these tools to help you consistently get more traffic, more qualified leads, and more conversions. Oh, and of course to conquer online marketing productivity!

Website Performance Tools

Getting the most out of your website performance is the foundation of any online marketing efforts. There are a ton of choices in this category, but I narrowed it down to my two favorites.

  • Website Tune Up: Tune up your website to attract, engage, and convert more clients.
  • WPEngine: The WPEngine WordPress Website Hosting platform has dramatically increased the website traffic of every single site we’ve used it on. From 300% increases in traffic up to 1,000%!
  • Website Analysis Checklist: Quickly discover how effective your website and online marketing really are.

Conversion Marketing Tools

Leadpages and Drip Marketing Automation Software are by far the two best conversion marketing tools we have ever come across.

  • Leadpages: This landing page software empowers you to be able to quickly and easily create focused landing pages that convert.
  • Drip: This is by far the easiest to use Marketing Automation Software we have ever used.

Search Engine Optimization Tools

It’s important to make sure people can actually find the content you’re creating.

  • Yoast: Probably the best and most used on-page optimization tool in the WordPress universe.

Visual Content Tools

As you probably know by now, visual content is critical.

  • Canva: A great tool to create all kinds of graphics. Canva has been an absolute game-changer for our business.

Project Management Tools

Using a project management tool can drastically increase your efficiency by making sure everything gets done. A side benefit is that it creates greater visibility on who is supposed to do what – which increases accountability. Nobody wants to be that guy who’s always late on their assignments.

  • Asana: Another great project management tool.

 Other Important Tools

Every website should have Google Analytics installed so you can see what’s actually happening. Google wants you to use it so they make it as easy as possible and provide tons of training.

Last but not least, we highly recommend that you get a website analysis and a review of your online marketing. You can schedule a conversation with one of our Certified Guides. Your guide will show you how to quickly boost lead generation and how to fix errors that are costing you sales.

Online Marketing ProductivityIf I missed any great tools, please let me know. I’m always searching for ways to increase my productivity too.

Now stop wasting time in the hallways and start conquering!!

To your continued success,