Sep 09

The Primary Focus in Digital Marketing

Primary Focus in Digital MarketingThe number one thing every business should focus on with their digital marketing content is solving a problem that your target market faces. Just to be clear, when I say ‘digital marketing content’, I mean everything from your website to your email marketing campaigns, email newsletters, white papers, landing pages, PPC ads, etc.

Here’s How to Focus Your Digital Content on Problem Solving

First, get your team together and ask yourself four key questions (this goes for new and mature businesses):

  1. Have we identified a problem a customer wants to be solved?
  2. Does our product solve this customer’s problem or need?
  3. Is our marketing clearly communicating how we will solve their problem?
  4. Have we clearly communicated why we are the best option to solve their problem?

Digital Marketing Problem Solving

Once you’ve gone through the process of asking your team those four key questions, you will then better understand the mindset of your customer and the problems they are facing. Only then can you connect your product or service as the proven solution that will solve those problems. (Quick tip: Do NOT just start bragging about your business and how awesome you are. Look at it from your customers’ perspective and solve their problems)

Are you starting to see how this type of messaging will feel different from your prospects point of view? Instead of them seeing the typical marketing message of bragging, they’ll see your marketing, which focuses on them and their problems. Again, make sure your content focuses on helping them get the results they want (i.e. more sales!) and the outcomes they need.

Purpose of Digital Marketing

What Next?

Then it all comes down to copywriting. Your content needs to help your prospects really see how your product can provide value and solve their problem. Also, get them emotionally excited enough to take action and get the results you’re promising.

Here’s a quick brainstorming tip to help you in your copywriting efforts. Draw a line down the middle of a piece of paper. In the left column, write the fears, wants, aspirations and problems that your prospects and customers are facing. Then in the right column, match them up with your solutions.

Once you’ve done that, start using power words and phrases in your titles and subject lines that resonate with your target market. For example, use phrases like “Proven System…”, “Discover the Secret to…”, “Finally, a way to…”

Then in the body of your content, go into depth about how your product solves their problem and gets them the results they’re looking for.

Last but not least, always have a call-to-action at the end. I’m NOT suggesting you to ask them to buy something. A call-to-action could something as simple as offering a free guide in exchange for their email. Or “Click Here for a free one-on-one consultation to learn more.”

I hope that helps. I use these techniques with all my clients – whether the client is an Insurance Agency or an Industrial Manufacturer. Focus on problem-solving.

Learn more about how to make your content remarkable. (See what I did there? In case you missed it that was the call-to-action)

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