Jan 05

How to Respond to Online Marketing Changes

Darwin Responsive to Online Change

You know online marketing is critical to the success of your business. Do it consistently well, and you’ll get more leads and convert those leads into revenue. But it’s a constantly changing? Where should you focus?

You take your time and analyze the options. You want to create a plan based on informed decisions. Then you start executing your plan, spend a bunch of money setting up and creating…then KABOOM! Everything changes! Here are some common missteps because of our current environment of constant change:

  • Website Your beautifully designed website isn’t mobile-friendly so you have to start over
  • Social Media Your Facebook posts aren’t getting seen organically and you find out that now you have to pay to be seen (tip: try Facebook Dark Posts) And then you hear Twitter is using something called Twitter Cards
  • New Entrants All of a sudden newer social media sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat need your attention
  • Email You thought email marketing was dying, but find out that it’s alive and well

Tactics that worked not too long ago are quickly becoming obsolete.

Most Responsive to Change = Most Online Marketing Success

Google makes big changes to its algorithm every month. (15 changes in 2014 according to Moz.com) They make major changes, like Mobilegeddon, every 4-6 months. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all the other websites are also constantly changing. Keeping up to date on all the changes drains your time and money.

The good news is that all you have to do is understand and implement the wise words of Charles Darwin – Be the business that is the most responsive change and dominates your competition. In other words, you must evolve.

Here are three fundamental online marketing strategies to respond to change, evolve and generate continuous success:

  • Focus on the Relationship The client is not the king – the relationship is. Optimal marketing is focusing on the relationship with your prospects and clients.
  • Respond to Change Get informed on exactly what’s changing, whether you do the research in-house or outsource it. We highly recommend subscribing to The Moz Top 10.
  • Shift from Results to Experience Battle the constant changes by shifting your focus from results to the customer experience. Marketing. It’s the Experience Stupid is a brief summary that illustrates how to shift from results to experience (and shows proof that it works).

Next Steps: Don’t Get Left Behind

Protect your business from the ever-increasing pace of change. Don’t get left behind.

Online Marketing Changes Don't Get Left Behind

We recommend reviewing your online marketing assets and strategy at least once-per-month. “Your online marketing assets” = Website (content and usability), social media pages, email marketing, content strategy, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).

If you’re like most businesses and simply don’t have the time or expertise to review your online marketing assets, check out the free Website Analysis Checklist. Or schedule a conversation with one of our Certified Guides.

To your continued success,