Aug 27

How Brad Pitt Can Help You Get More Leads


Get More Leads with Brad Pitt

Quickly, what’s something you’ve always wanted to do? Now, ask yourself truthfully why you haven’t done it yet.

Maybe you said something like I did, “I’ve always wanted to be a novelist. But I wouldn’t even know where to get started.”

Now pat yourself on the back. Congratulations, you’re full of it and so am I. If I actually wanted to learn to write novels, I wouldn’t be confused on where to start. If I truly wanted to be a novelist, I’d have spent half of every single day reading about it, calling novelists and asking them for advice and the other half mastering the craft of writing. (Shout-out to this amazing Cracked article that I liberally borrowed this theory of “want” from)

So do I really want to be a novelist? Not really. The definition of “want” really depends on the context. The way I said it,  was more a statement of general preference, like “I want to be rich”, instead of a statement of intended action, like “I want to get more leads for my business so I can sell more of my wonderful product.”

That guy you drove by this weekend with the Brad Pitt body (Snatch body, not Benjamin Button baby body) who was on a Brad Pitt Benjamin Button Get More Leadsjog while you were on your way to Whataburger “wants” to be fit so he “wants” to run every day. He has a system in place to get what he wants. And he’s following through on it.

This is getting a little too “self-helpy” so I’ll get to the point. I work with businesses to help them get more leads with email marketing, blogging and content marketing. Every time I meet with a business owner, they tell me that they “want” to grow their business and know they need to blog and get on social media. They “want” to get more leads. They “want” to cross-sell to their current clients. Then I look at what they’re actually doing and based on their current activities, I sometimes think that those “want” statements are statements of general preference, not of intended action.

Take Action To Get More Leads

I want you to turn your statement of general interest into a statement of intended action by creating a system. This “secret sauce” will get you more leads from email marketing and content marketing.

For those of you that read my posts regularly, here’s the 5-step system in my last post again. (Don’t roll your eyes. It works!)

First Step: Start simple with the “3-legged stool” of blogging, social media, and email marketing automation.

Blog: Set up a blog on your website (For example, look at the Cerasis blog to see what “best-in-class” looks like). Once the blog is set-up, create a content plan and start posting at least once per week. For your content, make sure it’s valuable for your target market and remarkable.

Social Media: Set up relevant social media sites. The usual suspects are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, YouTube and sometimes Pinterest. And please, I’m begging you, don’t just set them up and expect people to engage with you. They call it content marketing for a reason. You have to consistently put out content on your social media channels.

Email Marketing: Set up an account with an email service provider such as Drip Email Marketing Automation Software. This is one of the biggest mistakes “old school” companies are making. They are sitting on a goldmine of emails and not doing anything with it. (Click this link to learn how to mine gold with email marketing)

Second Step: Consistently deliver valuable content to your target market.

Third Step: Prepare yourself to follow up with massive amounts of leads.

Fourth Step: Take it to the next level with Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click programs. (But don’t worry too much about that in the beginning. More on that in a future article)

Fifth Step: The fifth step really should be the first – TAKE ACTION! If you don’t start NOW, you will be left in the dust and face some serious problems.

There you go. Now ask yourself if you “want” more leads for your business, or if you really intend to get more leads by using a proven system. If you stumble along the way, ask for help. You know where to find me – [email protected]

To Your Continued Success,