May 19

How a Website Analysis Can Boost Lead Generation

Website Analysis Can Boost Lead Generation

Any business owner will tell you that there just aren’t enough hours in the day. There are customers to tend to, employees to manage, inventory to take care of, costs to cover – – Never…Enough…Time!!

So when I tell you that you have one more thing to add to your long list, please don’t raise your fists and curse my name just yet. I’m sure there will be other times when this is an appropriate response, but luckily we already have a (free) solution waiting for you.

Why Your Business Needs a Website Analysis

You probably know by now how critical your website and other online marketing assets are, but did you know that they should also be keeping pace with the constant changes in the online marketing world? That’s right, online marketing is a living being, continually growing and evolving. And it’s easy to get left behind. Luckily, a website analysis is a simple solution that can navigate you back to the road of continuous results.

A website analysis reviews your online marketing to make it more effective. It’s like a GPS map on how to:

  • Make it easier for prospective clients to find you online
  • Get more leads
  • Fix mistakes that are costing you sales
  • Increase website traffic and convert more sales

Keep in mind though that this shouldn’t be a one-time review. Since we can’t control the changes that Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. make, we have to adapt to them instead. We recommend reviewing your online marketing once per month so you don’t get behind the curve.

What Does a Website Analysis Look Like?

A good website analysis should provide the following:

  1. A review of your website and marketing approach
  2. Recommendations on how to improve
  3. A list of what’s broken and how to fix it

It should also be easy to understand and offer simple instructions on what to do next. For example, if the review finds that your website’s on-page optimization is poor, you should have a simple explanation of what that means, how to improve it and the guidance you need to implement those recommendations.

Here are some items a good website analyzer should review:

  • SEO (search engine optimization) – Is your website optimized for SEO? We use an online marketing resource called the Yoast plugin.
  • Website Usability – Is your website easy to use? Does it have a clearly stated benefit and call-to-action?
  • Social Media Presence – Are you on the right social media platforms? If so, what could you be doing to get more leads?

There are a lot of great services out there that can help you review your website and online marketing. We recommend picking a service that’s a good fit for your needs and level of knowledge.

What Results Can I Expect After the Analysis?

That depends on what stage your business is at and what industry you’re in. The results can range from the dramatic business changing events to continuous improvements. We did a free Website Analysis for a Senior Living Community and we found a little mistake that was costing them thousands of dollars per month. We also uncovered a few opportunities for an insurance company that increased their web traffic dramatically and ended up getting them 20+ new quotes per month.

Next Step

We feel so strongly about the importance of getting an expert to review your website and online marketing that we’ll do it for free with our Website Analysis.

Please Remember: A website analysis shouldn’t be a one-time thing. Because the online marketing space changes so often, you should have an outside review was done on your website and online marketing once-per-month.

The question of the week: When was the last time you reviewed your website and online marketing? Sharing your experience just might help someone avoid getting left behind.

To your continued success,