Email Marketing

Our proven Custom Email Marketing solution helps you convert emails into actual revenue.

Email marketing is the backbone of digital marketing. Emails in your list have given you permission to market to them and they want to know more. You are tapping into a goldmine of potential business when you simply follow up with useful content. We help you mine the gold with email marketing. Email is still the #1 way people communicate.

Email Marketing

How You Benefit

When someone gives you their email, they have given you permission to market to them. Permission opens the door to:

  • Traffic Generation – Stay top-of-mind with your prospects and customers and keep them coming back to you
  • Audience Engagement – Get your prospects and customers to consistently interact with your business
  • Conversion – Convert their “permission” into action = Sales

The Process

  • Step 1: Discovery – First we listen. Every industry is different as is the approach to email marketing.
  • Step 2: Custom Plan – Once we know more about you and your goals, we create a custom email marketing plan to 1) get even more emails 2) create a plan to provide consistent and valuable information and 3) convert into sales.
  • Step 3: Implementation – We will set up your ESP (Email Service Provider), create your email templates and distribute your emails (monthly, weekly or even daily).

Next Steps

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