May 22

How “Crazy People” Build Trust and Grow Your Business

Relationship Marketing Builds Trust

Ad from the movie “Crazy People”

The movie Crazy People with Dudley Moore and Daryl Hannah, is a story about a bitter ad executive who reaches his breaking point. He finds himself in a mental institution where his career actually begins to thrive. He learns about trust, loyalty, and honesty from his fellow patients. And you can learn how to grow your business just by watching this movie!

About 2 years ago, I took a page out of Dudley Moore’s playbook when I had an appointment with the owner of several car dealerships. The first thing the owner said to me was, “You know what chair you’re sitting in? You’re sitting in the liar’s chair. Now what did you want to talk to me about?” In other words, he thought I was full of it before I even opened my mouth.

I took an approach that he wasn’t used to seeing. The result? I gained his trust and his business. The reason is because I was very open about what I could do. Also, I was open about what I could NOT do for him. I set expectations from the beginning. Auto dealerships want immediate sales from their advertising and I told him that online marketing, social media, and email marketing might not lead to that instant gratification he was seeking, but I also laid out the benefits of what it could do for him. I was open, honest, knowledgeable and confident in my proposal.

How Relationship Marketing Builds Trust – See how ‘Crazy People’ help you grow your business?

  1. Be Reliable – If you say “click here to get our free eBook” then give them their free ebook and don’t make them jump through hoops. If you have a webinar, make sure the host is on 5 minutes early. It’s pretty simple really, just do what you say you’re going to do – keep your word.
  2. Be Honest – Tell the truth and if you make a mistake, admit it and fix it. Be honest with the process. If you’re selling cars, tell your prospect the REAL benefits of your vehicle.
    Volvo Ad

    Another ad from the movie. Honest!

  3. Be Transparent – Volunteer information and statistics on what you’ve seen in the past and what they can expect to see in the future.
    Jaguar Ad

    Nothing more transparent than this ad from the movie

  4. Be Loyal – You can do this in the form of loyalty programs, personal communications, etc. Go out of your way to treat your customers well. They were hard (and expensive) to get, so keep them. A simple way to do that is by sending a monthly email Newsletter that provides value.
  5. Listen – Sounds simple, but listen to what your customer needs first, then solve their problem.
  6. Be Competent – Be the expert and thought leader in your industry. Again, this is accomplished by consistently sending out email Newsletters, blogging about your subject matter and providing valuable information.
  7. Be Confident – Competence builds confidence and confidence builds trust.
  8. Be Consistent – Send your email Newsletter or blog at the same time every day, week or month. Just do it consistently. John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire promises 1 podcast, every day, 365 days a year, and he delivers consistently.
  9. Put some skin in the game – Show your customers that you’re partners in this. If you’re an attorney, try reducing your rate and say you’ll take a bigger part of the settlement (I’m not even sure if that’s legal, but you get the point). If you’re a real estate agent and seeking to get a listing, send that person some information on the best ways to sell a home (before you even get the listing).
  10. Be Generous – With no strings attached. This could be in the form of a White Paper, eBook or a free sample of your product.

When you’ve gained the trust of your customers and prospects, the growth of your business is endless.

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