Jun 30

5 Habits of Highly Successful Online Marketers

habits of highly successful online marketers

You’re too busy to worry about all the online marketing changes dang it! Google’s “Mobilegeddon”, Facebook’s algorithm change, blogs, videos… No Thanks! Successful online marketing is challenging for small businesses!

However, the most successful marketers seem to navigate the constant chase with relative ease. How do they do it? They do it by following the habits that give them continuous results. In my 20+ years in sales and marketing, I’ve learned a thing or two about the habits of highly successful marketers.

The following 5 habits are meant to assist you in getting continuous results. If you take action and consistently execute these 5 habits with pig-headed determination, you will save time, minimize stress and become a highly successful marketer.

Habit #1: Have a Plan

When we first meet with clients, we share with them the importance of content. Thankfully, most of our clients understand the importance of content, but they dread the task of creating it. They think they have to get up at 6am, Monday morning and bang out a 1,000-word blog by 9am. That’s not the case if you have a plan.

The most successful marketers make it a habit to consistently create remarkable content. We’ll give you a few tips right now so you don’t feel like you’re starting with a bunch of blank paper.

Steve Martin on Success

The 3 keys are: content plan, distribution plan, and follow-up plan.

Content Plan

We recommend having an editorial calendar that does 3 things:

  1. Assigns content creation – Some of our clients love writing, so they do it themselves. Others choose to spend their time elsewhere but have employees that are great at content creation.
  2. Outlines the purpose – All of your content should have a purpose. Why are you creating it? Is it useful to your target market? What do you want the consumer of your content to do next?
  3. Sets deadlines – A goal without a deadline is just a dream. Make it a habit to set deadlines so you can consistently deliver remarkable content.

Here are two great content ideas I once heard to get you started:

  1. Top 10 FAQs: What are the top 10 most frequently asked questions you get from new customers? For example, electricians probably get the same top questions from every customer: Insured? Price? Other options? Boom!10 blogs ready to go!
  2. Top 10 FUQs: (You might not want to say “FUQ” phonetically out loud…) What are the top 10 most Unfrequently asked questions that your customers should be asking? Those are your follow up questions. Back to the electrician example – perhaps electricians’ customers should be asking about how to protect their home from fires started by shoddy electrical work. Now you have 20 blogs!

Distribution Plan

Distribution plan is a critical part of the plan. When are you going to post your content? For example, we’ve found that the best time to send email newsletters is Tuesday morning at around 7 or 8am. Where are you going to distribute your content? Blog? LinkedIn? Twitter? Facebook? The answer to that question is to ask where your target market “hangs out” online. That’s where you should distribute your content.

Follow-Up Plan

Rule #1 in sales and marketing = Follow up. Rule #2 = See rule #1. There are tons of tools out there to help you manage your follow-up. What’s the point of creating and distributing remarkable content if you don’t consistently follow up with your prospects?

Habit #2: Focus on the Experience

Showing results and proving the ROI of marketing and advertising has been a conundrum for marketers for years. Because of amazing new data analytics tools, the marketing world can now get a better understanding of the results their marketing produces. While results are obviously important and I love the fact that we can show real numbers, I believe the focus on results has gone too far. Some companies just tell me to get clicks and conversions no matter what the customer experience is.

I propose you shift your marketing to focus on experience. Why? When you shift your marketing to focus on experience, the end results you are seeking will become a byproduct of your approach rather than an end. Marketing is on-going and results, by definition, end. So why not combine the two and produce “continuous results” by focusing on the experience?

When you focus on the experience in your marketing, you end up providing something useful and remarkable that your prospects and customers will remember and share.

I’m a big advocate of knowing and analyzing results (as you’ll see in Habit #3), but focusing on the results should be a close second to the experience. That’s the only way to get continuous results without having to spend more and more money on your advertising.

Habit #3: ABT – Always Be Testing

Steve Martin on perserverance and Consistency

Although highly successful marketers focus on the experience, not results, they also know they need to watch the numbers to see what’s working. If something is not working, change it. If something is working exactly how you want it to, don’t change a thing. For example, if you get a ton of website visitors, but your bounce rate is high and conversion rate is low, then you need to test something new.

We recommend you test everything from your website, different calls-to-action, landing pages, social media pages to emails you send out to prospects. The key is to test, measure and improve. Always be testing!

Habit #4: Be Remarkable

Be So Good Can't Ignore You

Like Steve Martin said, “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” Great, so what is remarkable content? Remarkable content is content that’s worthy of a remark. Sometimes it’s unexpected and fun like the Dollar Shave Club video from 3 years ago. People like to have fun and they’ll pay to have more fun. Then people will share it, which makes your remarkable content even more valuable.

Habit #5: Stay Up-to-Date

The pace of change nowadays has reached exponential rates. What worked yesterday, doesn’t work today. Google makes major changes to their algorithm every month. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are constantly changing too.

Business owners and marketers must handle all those changes AND deal with all the upstarts entering the market like Snapchat and Periscope. If your business doesn’t keep up-to-date, you’ll end up wasting time and money on efforts that don’t work anymore (or maybe they still work, but are getting too expensive…like pay-per-click on Google).

You know you need to stay up-to-date, but the problem is you might not have the time or even know where to start. We suggest you either get a guide to assist you or simply suck it up and spend the time to stay “in the know”.

If you choose to save time and get a guide, get your free Website Analysis. Why?

  1. Grades your website and online marketing efforts
  2. Uncovers mistakes that are costing you sales
  3. Empowers you with game-changing recommendations to boost lead generation

The first Review is free and we stay with you to guide you through the constant changes. This way you don’t have to spend the time researching and worrying. Would you climb Mt Everest without a Sherpa? Think of the free Website Analysis as your Sherpa to continuous results.

Keys to Success

Now you have the 5 habits of highly successful marketers. What next? The key to success is to make these habits stick. Like it or not, the only way to make them stick is through pig-headed discipline and determination. But you’re going to learn that it’s worth it. When you make these habits stick, I guarantee you’ll boost lead generation and even spend less money on marketing & advertising all while getting better results.

If you think I missed a critical habit or have any ideas that can make the lives of business owners and marketers just a little bit easier, please share them in the comments below.

To your continued success,