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3 Tips to Generate 10x the Leads From Your Website

Generate 10x The Leads From Your Website

Sometime today or tomorrow or this week, on either a computer or mobile device, your prospect will sit back in her chair and pick from a list of names on the screen in front of her.

Your business name may be on that list. A potential customer is looking for you, and she is face-to-face with the same question we all face every day, “Which one should I choose?”

The search results pass through her mind in quick review, and she realizes how little she really knows about their ability to solve her problem or give her what she needs, their customer service, their prices, their reputation.

Your prospect has a tough decision to make and she’ll probably click on links on the list (your competitors). But which one will she decide to do business with?

That’s where comedy can guide you to make sure your prospects pick you. Comedians seem to have become the curators of truth in the 21st century.

Comedians boost lead generation

Plus comedians know how to reframe the truth in a brilliant fashion that gets you to laugh at something you may or may not agree with. Check out how Bill Burr reframes the truth of Oprah’s Lance Armstrong interview.

Bill Burr reframes content marketing

I’m not saying you have to be as funny and brilliant as Jon Stewart or Bill Burr, because that’s nearly impossible. But if you observe a few comedians and use the following 3 tips today, you will generate 10x the leads from your website tomorrow.

Tip #1 = Make Your Website Content Remarkable

Making your website content remarkable is critical to getting results and boosting lead generation. What is the first impression your website gives a visitor? Put life into your content and when possible, a laugh or two. Give your visitor content that will motivate her and stir up her emotions.

Every industry is different. So, of course, the emotional intent behind your exceptional content will be different. To find and create the most effective content, we recommend marketing at a listening level. That means asking questions and listening to your prospects and customers.

Ask them questions to uncover their motives.

  • Would you be healthier, happier, and more energetic for having used XYZ product?
  • What problem disturbs you every day that our service might be able to solve?

Your goal is to uncover their needs or problems so you can create content that shows them how they will benefit from picking you instead of another competitor on that list.

Hedberg Remarkable Original Content

Another approach is to be surprised like Mitch Hedberg does with his “all-encompassingly…” answer. For example, if you sell helicopter flight training you could give away a free guide called, “Learn How to Escape the Apocalypse in 15 minutes or less.”

A riskier approach is to be controversial like Sony does in this ad:

Controversial content marketing

This ad is actually from the movie Crazy People, but you get the point. The key to controversial content is to be relevant, sharable, and interesting.

Tip #2 = Website Usability

Website usability is often overlooked as a critical element to lead generation. However, if your website isn’t easy to use, one little mistake could be costing you thousands of dollars.

It’s amazing the difference between the problems our clients “think” they have and their actual problems. The 3 biggest website problems our clients THINK they have are: creating content, getting more traffic to their website, and figuring out how to get people to call or buy.

In reality, their 3 biggest problems are: they talk too much about themselves, there’s little clarity in their content, and there’s no clear call-to-action. Mitch Hedberg had it right when he reframed the Pepperidge Farm bread that’s so hard to unwrap:

Hedberg on Website Usability

Is your website easy to use? Is it clear what you do and the benefit of your product or service? The primary purpose of your website is to tell visitors 3 things: Here’s what I got…here’s what it will do for you…and here’s what to do next.

Tip #3 = Have a Clear Call-to-Action

When someone visits your website, it should be very clear what they should do next. The “back” button is the most clicked button on the Internet. If you don’t tell visitors what to do next and clearly state the benefit in taking that action, they will leave faster than you can say “back”.

Website call-to-action

A visitor to your website should know what you do and know exactly what to do next within a few moments of scanning your website. The call-to-action could be as simple as asking a question to segment your visitors or offering something of value.

For example, ask them what they want and have 2 answers that they could click on. The website for a senior living community could ask visitors, “Are you searching for a new residence for yourself or for a loved one?” Then have two buttons that say, “For Me” and “For a Loved One”.

One of the best calls-to-action is to offer something of value in exchange for their contact information. People are hesitant to share their information nowadays so we recommend giving away a guide or a toolkit that is extremely valuable to your target market. Give them something useful that solves a problem or eliminates a pain.

For example, my company offers a free website analysis to boost lead generation. It delivers tremendous value to our prospects and gives them useful information that they can actually use (hence the word “useful”).

Observe Comedians…Laugh…Boost Lead Generation

Good comedians are brilliant. But it doesn’t come easily to them. Not many people know how hard they work at their craft. Creating great content, making a usable website and having great calls-to-action aren’t easy either.

Anybody looking to get more leads from their website should observe comedians and study them because they are master communicators. Plus you get the side benefit of laughing while you’re working.

To your continued success,

Hendrik de Vries

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