Jun 09

3 Major Benefits of a Website Analysis

Website Analysis Boost Lead Generation

Effective marketing is an ancient skill. Thousands of years ago, merchants used to hire barkers to announce their products. In more recent times, we’ve used newspaper, TV and Radio ads to market our products and services. Nowadays, the focus is online marketing using your website and other online channels like social media.

What was the purpose of the barkers? What is the purpose of your website? When you boil it down, we discover that the primary purpose is lead generation. The primary purpose of a website is to tell visitors 3 things:

  • Here’s what we do.
  • This is what it will do for you.
  • Here’s what to do next.

In summary: The primary purpose of your website is to capture leads you can follow up with later. Is your website working hard for you as a lead generation machine?

This article will briefly discuss why you need a website analysis, show you the 3 major benefits, and assist you in getting started.

Why Your Business Needs a Website Analysis

Marketing your website is hard. It takes Liam Neeson level skills. There’s a ton of competition and the online marketing world is constantly changing. What worked yesterday doesn’t work today. Not to mention that a minor mistake on your website could be costing you major sales.

A website analysis is like a health checkup. You probably visit your doctor consistently to get a health checkup. A website analysis is like a health checkup, but for your website. A website analysis will give you the insights you need and empower you to boost lead generation.

3 Benefits of a Website Analysis

So what? What’s in it for you? There are 3 major benefits to a website analysis:

1. Increase Traffic

We already know that the purpose of a website is to capture leads you can follow up with later. However, before you can capture leads, you need to get traffic to your website. A website analysis can help you determine where the majority of your visitors are coming from. Once you know that, you can tailor your website to attract more of your ideal customer. It can also uncover hidden opportunities to generate more traffic to your website.

One of our clients is an independent Insurance Agency. We did a website analysis and noticed that they don’t have a blog. We helped them set up a blog, created a content plan and optimized the blogs for their target market.

The result? After a few months of consistent blogging, they increased traffic to their website by 523%.

2. Fix Costly Mistakes

We use a few tools that allow us to dig deeper into a website and see if there are any mistakes that are costing our clients traffic, leads or even sales.

The marketing director of a senior living community approached us recently and asked why they weren’t getting more traffic to their site (a question we get all the time). They had spent a ton of money redesigning it and their website looked amazing. But they weren’t showing up anywhere in Google and it hardly got any traffic. We did a website analysis and noticed quite a few costly mistakes. While their website was beautifully designed, it wasn’t optimized at all. It was like having the most beautiful billboard on an abandoned highway.

The website analysis gave them the insights they needed and empowered them to fix those costly mistakes.

The result? They went from getting nothing from their website to scheduling 10-15 visits per week to their community.

3. Boost Lead Generation

From the barkers of ancient times to the ads you see on your mobile phone, it’s all about lead generation. A website analysis grades your website and gives you game-changing insights to boost lead generation.

We’ve analyzed hundreds of websites with our website analysis service and sometimes all it takes to get more leads is fixing a few mistake. Other times, the only option is to tear down a website and rebuild a new one from scratch. The key is to grade your current website and online marketing efforts, get game-changing recommendations and actually take action on those recommendations to improve performance.

Website Analysis Summit Lead Generation

How to Get Started

There are a ton of options to get your website analyzed that range in price from free to tens of thousands of dollars. We recommend analyzing your website at least once per month.

To get started, request your free website analysis. It will empower you with game-changing insights to: Increase traffic, fix costly mistakes and boost lead generation. The process is simple. All you have to do is give us your website URL and we’ll give you your free analysis within 24 hours.

Question of the week: When was the last time you reviewed your website and online marketing?

To your continued success,